Power Standards and Assessments Update

This past week, we met as a 6-12 Vertical PLC to discuss what we are going to teach in the 2014-2015 school year to make sure we are meeting out Power Standards. We took the seventeen power standards established during our last curriculum review and mapped out what they will look like across each grade level:

Power Standards

Updated Power Standards (click to enlarge)

This document shows the different areas we are going to assess our students against the power standards. Red text indicates when a new topic is introduced. You’ll notice that some of the cells are left blank. This does not mean we are not teaching that particular concept. We decided it is either an inherent part of the process (e.g. Maintain a consistent pulse) or is something we won’t assess at that particular grade level (e.g. Perform a harmonic sequence with characteristic tone).

Our next step is to fill in the next tab of the document regarding the time of the assessments. Our district splits the school year in to two 18-week semesters, with grading reports occurring at 6-week intervals. The next tab of the document looks like this:

Assessment Schedule

Schedule of Assessments (click to enlarge)

After that, the members of our Vertical PLC will begin to pick what those assessments will look like for each instrument. Some of the assessments will be the same across instruments (e.g. Technique Builder in Bb #4). Others will be selected by the vertical teachers for their specific instruments. For example, because I see nearly every 6-12 brass student, I will choose Melodic Exercises for trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba in the keys specified in the above document. We will begin filling out the final tab of the document which looks something like this:

Assessment by Instrument (click to enlarge)

Assessment by Instrument (click to enlarge)

These assessments will be chosen out of lesson and method book material we use with these students including Student Instrumental Course Levels 1&2, Rubank Advanced Method Volumes 1&2, Foundations for Superior Performance, and a variety of materials we have already created.

We are meeting periodically throughout the summer as a Vertical PLC, and I will continue to update as we do.


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