Reflection: Sound Reinforcement and Recording Techniques

This semester, I took a hybrid course through VanderCook College of Music called Sound Reinforcement and Recording Techniques. The course was three weeks long: two weeks of online build-up to an 8 hour day onsite at VanderCook with a one week follow-up. Our final assignment was to submit a reflection. Here is that prompt: Continue reading


What We do Matters

I am currently working on a post that traces the history of funding public education in Iowa. I am curious just how the funding formula has changed since the 1950s. This is taking a lot of research and as a “break” (HA!), I thought I would respond to a post my friend and colleague, Pat Kearney, wrote last week entitled A Community of Educators. Pat wrote an outstanding post about his thinking around the challenges facing educators today. I can’t encourage you enough to go and check out his writing. Let me share a few great nuggets: Continue reading

An Update on Educational Funding and Start Dates in Iowa

I have written, tweeted, Facebook-ed, and talked quite a bit about education in Iowa over the past few weeks. Our governor has started an uproar over school start dates and state supplemental aid, the magical formula for funding our schools. We have still not arrived at a solution, and the timeline is getting tighter. I wanted to write a bit more in the hopes of maybe easing my frustration with it all.
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