First Residency Summer at VanderCook

I am currently in my first residency summer at the Vandercook College of Music pursuing a Masters of Music Education. This is the beginning of the second week, and I have already learned a ton! My courses this summer include:

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Changing the Conversation

I had an outstanding “last day of summer” yesterday: boating with friends, enjoying the sun, making wood-fired pizzas outside. I wish I had thought to take some pictures. I say “last day of summer” because tomorrow I leave for my first residency semester for my Masters of Music Education program at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago. While at this Wednesday Night Boat Party, I had very interesting discussions with my friends and host’s parents about how education is changing in Iowa and around the country, particularly in regards to funding. I have been operating in a world where I am surrounded by people that either agree with or are diametrically opposed to my thoughts on educational funding. It was a good experience to get to converse with people whose thoughts are in the middle of the issue and whose stakes are different than my own. Continue reading

Iowa’s 2015 Education Budget

Iowa’s 2015 Education Budget is still not settled. As of June 5, 2015, the Iowa Legislature finally passed State Supplemental Growth for Iowa schools. We now await the governor’s signature. Let’s take a look at what they passed: Continue reading

Standards for Jazz Band – TQ Project

This past week, our Vertical PLC chose to use Teacher Quality funds to spend some time developing standards for our 7-12th grade jazz bands.
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Reflection: 2015 IBA Conference

I typed this post shortly after the conference ended on May 16th, and then forgot about it with all the business leading up to graduation and the end of the school year.

Over the past two days, hundreds of Iowa band directors descended on the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines for the Iowa Bandmasters Association 2015 Conference. This is the tenth conference I have attended, and it was the best overall. There wasn’t a single hour in either day that there wasn’t a clinic or performance I didn’t want to attend. Let’s try that sentence without all the negatives: There was something I wanted to attend every single hour of both days of the conference. IBA President Jacqui Meunier hosted outstanding clinicians and performances throughout. I wanted to get my thoughts out on “paper” quickly, so I could begin to implement them in my classroom.

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