Recording Assessments in Year 4

Our professional learning community has changed some things for this coming year:

It looks like Keith Ozsvath has beaten me to the punch with a post on using Screencastify, but I’ll still detail what we are doing:

Our district is 1:1 with Chromebooks for students in 5th-12th grade. Each of our ensembles has its own Google Classroom. In it, we have created an assignment for our 12-Week Assessment.

This particular assignment described for the students how to add Screencastify to their Chromebook. Students recording assessments in the context of a lesson with a teacher can use the Desktop or Tab recording feature. If students are recording assessments without a teacher, they need to use the webcam so we can correctly identify them.

Perhaps the best use of Screencastify was done unprompted by one of our own students for his jazz band audition. Students were provided with lead sheets and backing tracks from Jamey Aebersold’s Volume 54: Maiden Voyage. They were asked to record one chorus of themselves performing the head. Students auditioning for the top ensemble were also asked to include at least one chorus of improvisation. This particular student used the Desktop recording feature with the embeded video cam. The settings look like this:

The result is a WebM video of the student’s screen with a picture-in-a-picture overlay of their webcam. With the student’s permission, here is his audition!