Spring Break Reflections

As I have been avoiding my Nintendo Switch over Spring Break, I came across a sheet of paper I had scribbled things on during a professional development day earlier this year. I want to save those thoughts for later, so I can flesh them out.

Specifically that morning, we were working on two different areas: our district’s instructional framework (gradual release of responsibility/productive group work) and teaching behavior. Here are my notes:

Music Fundamentals

  • Need to organize by skill
  • Identify that skill
  • Give geedback towards that skill

Productive Group Work

  • What is the students’ role? Have a content purpose AND a behavior purpose (tied to Work Habits)
  • Symphonic Band
    • Flex Band Piece?
    • SATB Piece?
  • Tuesday Night Club
    • Real Easy Book
    • LJS Tunes

What if we setup by units (concert sets?) instead of 6 week grading periods? What skills do they need for this concert set?


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